Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Very Bunny Birthday

I have been the worst blogger lately! Things have been very busy at Casa De Lamar and I have not had a free second! We had both families fly in for Ava's big party and then Peter and I went on our first solo trip to Tahoe. Let me tell you 12 hours of straight sleep never felt so great! Ava is an awesome sleeper 7pm-7am but 7am still feels so early! 

Anyways, with all the visitors and birthday fun I haven't had a minute to spare! Ava's real birthday isn't until today but we had the party 3 weeks ago so all of the family could join in the fun! We went with a Bunny Birthday theme since I have always called Ava, Bunny. Ava was quite the kicker while I was preggo and has always had some strong little legs so Bunny has been the perfect nickname! 

Ava's party was a very Bunny Birthday indeed. The invitations were so bunnytastic

We had carrot garlands

Bunny muffins and cupcakes

A giant bunny cupcake for Ms. Ava 

Bunny peep centerpieces

and carrot favors for the guests

Ava looked quite adorable in her bunny outfit

and all the babies had a blast playing together 

Now for the cake... So we don't know if it was the 30 people starting and singing to Ava or the ginormous size of the bunny cake but Ava was NOT happy with the birthday cake situation. 

After she calmed down we let her sit alone with a normal size cupcake and she DUG IN! She loved it and ate every crumb!!! 

It was a special day for many reasons but also because it was the first time that our "Prep for Parenting" small group was able to get ALL the kiddos together since a lunch outing 8 months ago! These ladies have been a great support system during all the crazy baby phases. It's so great to have other Mommy friends who are going through the same growth spurts, milestones, and sleepless nights during the first year! 

It was also so amazing having Ava's Mimi, Memei, Pumba, Aunty Serena, Aunt Lindsay, and baby cousins Alivia and Penelope here. So many friends so share in our little Ava Ray's special day!! 

Happy Birthday sweet Ava Ray!