Friday, December 13, 2013

Thank God for Zofran

So I have been a little MIA from the blogging world lately for a few reasons...

1. Ms. Ava is now walking which requires way more adult supervision. It's crazy how quickly those little feet can get into mischief. Ava loves pulling everything out of drawers, cabinets, baskets, shelves, basically anything she can grab and destroy she does. 

My makeup bag is also an absolute favorite!  That girl loves some Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara. She also loves to hide my makeup all over the house. I am still missing my eyeliner and assuming it is lost forever. RIP Estee Lauder gel liner.

As you can see chasing around a toddler requires the majority of my time. Oh and when I am not doing that I am tossing my cookies or trying to stop the world and my stomach from spinning because...

2. WE ARE PREGNANT! SURPRISE! About 7 weeks ago I went to my High School reunion in NC. I was standing there talking to a friend from High School about kids and how Peter and I were going to start trying again after Ava was 1. Little did I know 3 days later I would find out I was pregnant! At first I didn't believe it. I took a test very early in the morning while in NC ( I did this because things have not been regular since I just weaned 2 months previously) and after 30 seconds decided to go back to sleep and see the results later. A few hours later I woke up to 2 pink lines. 1 was very faint so I decided it must have been because it sat out for a long time. I first texted my Sister because I couldn't call Peter at 4am CA time. She said normally those things don't have false positives. I still didn't want to get too excited. Plus I had a 10 month old! I was not thinking it was time for number 2 just yet. We flew home that day and on the way home I had Peter stop to get the Clear Blue tests that say "Pregnant" "Not Pregnant." I was SURE that it would say Not Pregnant but about 20 seconds later the words "Pregnant" showed up! 

Peter was SOOOO HAPPY, I was happy but still a little in shock. I honestly was scared. With Ava I was SUPER SUPER sick for about 14 weeks. I got sick almost every day and had all day nausea. I didn't know how I would handle that if I got sick again with an almost toddler. 

Well guess what happened?! I got super sick AGAIN! I didn't get sick with Ava until 8 weeks but this time around I ended up in the ER at 6 weeks after not being able to keep anything down for 26 hours. But then I got some Zofran. I took Zofran with Ava every now and again and sometimes it worked. This time around I had no choice. I could not spend all day in the bathroom because I had an almost walker on my hands! So I took Zofran and 3 out of 7 days a week I only had nausea but was able to function. I think having a kid running around helps a little because you can't focus on how terrible you feel, you have to keep moving. 

I am now 12 weeks and I have only tossed my cookies once this week so that is a HUGE improvement! Hopefully, in a week or 2 I'll have that 2nd trimester burst of energy! I mean it's not like I'm going to run a marathon or anything but not having to spend all of nap time trying to recover would be great! 

We are so excited to be a family of 4 and know this kiddo is going to bless our family in so many ways. I can't wait to see Ava as a big Sister! She loves to hug and kiss her stuffed animals and I know she will just love her brother or sister! We sure have a few crazy years ahead!!!