Thursday, February 27, 2014


So this Fashion Friday post is a little early but it's because I don't know what our nap time schedule will look like tomorrow! Ava is cutting a tooth and her molars are starting to descend so today has been a 2.5 hour nap day but tomorrow could be 30 minutes! 

Anyways, today's blog post is dedicated to everyone's favorite store... Target! Somehow I was living in the dark ages a few months ago and wasn't aware of the Target cartwheel app! I mean coupons... on your phone... that you automatically load? GENIUS!!!! 

I started using this cartwheel app right when Ava's feet grew. Somehow Target KNEW and a 25% off kids shoe coupon showed up! Of course I had to check it out to see if it worked and I got 3 pairs of shoes for $28! I have had a Target red debit card for a while so I also got another 5% off on top of that! AMAZING! 

Well just the other day I realized I needed some more play clothes for Ava for the Spring/Summer. Now you all know how much I love to put Ava in smocked monogrammed dresses but on a day to day basis or #whenpapasincharge (you have to follow my instagram to get that one) you know our days can get messy. 

Ava LOVES to play outside, sit in the mud, splash in puddles, and collect rocks so most of her clothes require intense quantities of oxyclean on a daily basis. Just the other day I decided to divide all of Ava's clothes in her dresser so that when it's the weekend and Peter gets her dressed in the am he knows where her "approved" play clothes are located. This has helped immensely in sparing some of her nicer more expensive outfits from dirt, grass, blueberry stains, etc...

So anyway, back to #targetdoesitagain and my cartwheel app. I was just telling Peter how little Cuties shirts were getting a little tight in the tum tum and how she had no shorts for the Spring and what popped up on my phone... a 5% off Circo clothing and half of them were already on sale for $4! I love Target's Circo clothing line. The separates are great, are fun colors, aren't too cheesy, and wash really well. So I ordered 4 s/s shirts, 3 l/s shirts, 3 pairs of shorts and a pair of easter shoes for $45! Thats right, 11 items, including shoes, for under $50! And because I have a target red card I didn't have to pay ANY shipping!!! 

You literally cannot get mad when a $3.50 shirt gets mud on it. These clothes are perfect for all of fun sunny park days ahead or for #whenPapasincharge! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Things You Miss Once You Are a Mom

So over the past few months I have had several friends have babies and during the last week of their pregnancy they always ask "What should I do before my life changes forever?" I think some of them are just trying to get their mind off of how uncomfortable and anxious they are but some also know that once you are a Mom you will always be a Mom and therefore miss out on many every day "luxuries" that most people take for granted. 

Here are my top 10 things you miss doing once you are a Mom. 

1. Using the bathroom alone: In the beginning your terrified you're child will roll out of something or magically disappear if you run to the bathroom for a minute. Then once your kiddo can start crawling or walking they follow you in there because what you are doing is WAY more interesting than the awesome toy you gave them to distract them for 2 minutes. 
2. Eating a meal at it's proper time or at it's proper temperature: Man I miss eating my food when it's ready. It seems there is always some emergency as soon as your food is ready. Ava also only wants what I am eating if we are eating at the same time, even if she has the EXACT same thing on her food tray. 

3. Not sharing: What's mine is yours is the name of the game with kids. Whatever it is you are eating, drinking, or doing you kiddo will want. Peter drinks grapefruit juice (GAG) but Ava wants some if he is drinking some. She totally gags as soon as she gets a sip but wants more once she sees him drinking it. 
4. Sleeping in: No matter what time you go to bed your kiddo is bound to wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 and they DO NOT go back to sleep until many hours later. The luxury of sleeping in is no more. Unless it's Saturday and Hubs lets me sleep in and then greets me with a waffle in bed. :) 
5. Sleeping Soundly: As soon as that baby comes out the Momma bear instinct kicks in and any weird noise they make in their sleep you wake up to. We had to move Ava into her nursery at 3 weeks because if she cooed in her sleep I woke up and ran over to check on her. That never changes! I used to be the heaviest sleeper, I slept through hurricane Fran when 9 oak trees fell on our house, but now any little baby noise I hear I wake up! 
6. Listening to whatever you want in the car: I used to listen to all sorts of music in the car but now it's all Christian music or Veggie Tales Pandora station. At least Veggie Tales plays lots of classic Disney music so I can relive my Disney days! 
7. Having a clean home: The moment you pick up they need the toy at the BOTTOM of the toy bin. I now only pick up after Ava is in bed. So if you come over to my house in the day time please excuse the trail of toys, piles of Tupperware that NEEDED to come out of the kitchen cabinet, and the toilet paper that MUST be torn up into little pieces all over the bathroom. 

8. Long Showers: Unless you take night time showers before bed showers after kids are asleep showers will be a 3 min MAX affair! Even if they are sound asleep in their crib as soon as you lather your hair up with conditioner they WILL wake up. It's inevitable! 
9. Wearing silk or cashmere: I wore a cashmere sweater once after Ava. Within 5 minutes it was covered with snot and mushed green beans. Load up on the cotton or anything machine washable after kiddos. And a word to the wise always have backup clothes in the car for every member of the family. There is a lot of misplaced poop/food/nasty random things that tend to cover you and them at some point in the day! 
10. Doing ANYTHING alone: I used to just hop in my car and go wherever I needed at any time. Now it takes 30 minutes to load up the diaper bag, dress the baby, get them in the car and your bound to have a poopy diaper right when everyone is ready. Going to the grocery used to take 20 min max, now you are lucky to get out within an hour. Everything takes longer. BUT you do have a buddy with you wherever you go and now when I run through my grocery list out loud I am actually talking to someone! 

Don't get me wrong being a Mom is SO wonderful BUT if you are pregnant or thinking about having kids please take advantage of ALL of the above every day simple luxuries! They'll change your life forever... in the BEST way possible!