Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Extreme Nesting or OCD?

So if you have ever been pregnant you know all about the urge to "nest." My nesting instinct hit me early right at 4 months but we had just moved to California and were living in corporate housing so anything I bought we would have to re-pack and re-move to the new place. Plus we didn't know the gender so I only bought a few things to fill the nesting urge. But once we moved into our new place and found out we were having a sweet little girl it was ON! My nesting instinct went into HIGH gear!

First, was to get the room painted... pink, of course. Then was to get her glider.... pink toile, of course. 
Get some art of vintage fashion sketches (Thanks to my amazing friend Neysa who is an incredible artist and custom made them for sweet Ava) .... pink of course!  

Next, there was the closet.... This was the fun part! Ava has A LOT of clothes. I didn't buy a lot of newborn stuff but more 3-6 months and 6-9 months. This is good since this little cutie LOVES her milk and grew out of newborn clothes in 3 weeks. Her room is not super big so maximizing space was key when organizing her closet.

We got a cheap little 6 shelf bookcase and some baskets which hold all of her shoes, burp clothes, socks/tights, extra Nuks, hats, and diaper covers. 

Then I bought closet organizer tabs so that I could organize her "closet clothes" (non-onsie/casual clothes) by size and know what she had for each age group. 

Then at the top I put all of her toys for 3+ months and misc stuff we didn't need just yet. 

Lastly, I put all of her sleepers, onsies, pants that fit her now as well as her swaddle blankets in her dresser drawers.  

I have found that keeping it organized helps a lot and it really helps when Peter dresses her in the morning. He knows exactly where her casual clothes are as well as hats or socks and is able to find stuff easily. 

This is extreme nesting at it's finest... or maybe just a bad case of OCD!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Makeover Monday- Mascara Madness!

If there is one thing I know about it is makeup and skincare! For the past 3 years I have in some way managed very large cosmetic departments. I have been exposed to the largest cosmetic companies in the world and gotten lots of goodies to try along the way.

Today's topic will be all about those lashes! I love long lashes and thought mascara was just mascara but then I tried a non drug store brand and now I have to say I am a mascara snob! I never realized that different formulas and different brushes do different things to your lashes. So here are my top pics...

Full Lashes- If you want super full lashes that are thick and somewhat long I would recommend Lancôme's Hypnose Drama.  This mascara creates depth and length and really gives you some drama! Only issue is it will clump if you put it on too thick.

Long Lashes- There is nothing better than Estée Lauder's Sumptous Extreme! Talk about serious length! With this mascara you will look like you have false lashes on! I like this one best because it doesn't clump and doesn't make your lashes crispy! This one also comes in some fun colors like purple and teal. Don't know why you would want teal lashes but to each their own!

Best All Around- For the BEST all around mascara I am going to have to go with Diorshow. This mascara is perfect for everyday use but also gives you great length. It lengthens and thickens all at the same time and doesn't clump.

Don't forget that any mascara becomes 10 times better with a great eyelash curler and primer!! My recommendations Lancôme's Cils Booster and the Tweezerman eyelash curler.  Gotta love great lashes!! 

If you have any other great mascara recommendations please let me know! I always love to try new products!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Funday- Bow Mania!

Sunday Funday- Bow Mania!

If you haven't already noticed Ms. Ava has a TON of hair! She was born with a full head of hair and it didn't fall out like most babies it just kept growing! Now it is starting to have a little more body and her natural
"highlights" are coming out... too cute!

Anyways, if there is one thing I can't resist it's baby bows! I think there is nothing cuter in this world that a cute little baby girl with a bow in her hair. So when I started planning her 2 month baby photoshoot... yes I know I am a nut... I had a cute purple tutu but no matching bow! I know, the horror! I looked at Baby Gap, Target, Walmart, Carters, and online to find the perfect matching bow but couldn't find the perfect shade. Then my husband finally said yesterday morning "Why don't you just make one!" So I contacted my good friend Joanne fabrics and Pinterest and voila, the perfect bow to match her fabulous tutu. Happy 2 months my Sweet Ava Ray!

Step by step instructions

Saturday, January 26, 2013

About me...

So I have always wanted to blog but didn't have the time and didn't have much to talk about besides work, marriage, and fashion... Well I guess that would have been enough to write about but then my sweet Ava Ray came into my life and I entered this crazy world called "Mommyhood."
Now everything revolves around this little Princess and napping, eating, popping , tummy time, diaper cream, baby clothes, parenting techniques, laundry... the list goes on! Life has changed dramatically and now every day there is something new we learn about our little love.

"Mommyhood" is my term for this new world that I have entered into. You go from just taking care of yourself and occasionally your spouse to having this beautiful little baby be 100% dependent on you. Your life now revolves around them. You don't know how you ever lived without them and become insanely overprotective and neurotic and want to Google every little thing they do or don't do... That's another thing... Googling... Google is your best and worst friend as a new Mom. Your babies rash goes from a mild skin irritation to all of a sudden they have leprosy. It is a great place to learn about things but also a dangerous pit of information overload and tends to fuel every irrational fear you have at 2am.

This is why I decided to blog... to fill others irrational fears... Just kidding... I wanted a place where I could share my own tips about Mommyhood, baby and mommy products I have found and love, and life lessons learned as a new Mom.

Hope you enjoy!