Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion Friday: Tiny Toes

Today's blog post is dedicated to my Little Lamb and her tiny tiny toes! When Ava was born she had tiny little feet, well every baby has tiny tiny feet... But Ava's have grown at an incredibly slow pace! I mean SUPER SLOW! Ava still wears 0-6 month shoes and just now fits into infant size 2 shoes. Her buddy who is 2 months younger than her wear size 5.5 and most kids her age wear between size 4 and size 5. Her feet are also super narrow so finding shoes that don't fall off is a challenge. I guess she is going to have feet just like her Momma! Here are my top pics for kiddos with tiny toes. 

1. Pedipeds: Although a little pricey, these shoes are AMAZING! They are all leather so they are great first shoes for walkers as the kids can still feel the ground and help with balance. You can also wipe off all dirt so they always look new. The mary janes can tighten to accommodate very tiny narrow feet or stretch wider for chubby ones. They also come in lots of cute colors and styles. 
2. Robeez: These shoes will NEVER fall off! Well unless you have them on a 1 year old who has learned to pull them off! But these are also all leather so are great shoes for when they are first walking. They too come in fun colors and designs. 

3. See Kai Run: These shoes are super cute and all leather as well. My one issue with these is they are cut a little wide so only the mary janes which can be tightened fit. 

4. Toms: We bought our first pair of Toms the other day and they are very comfortable and durable. Ava got the cutest paisley pair. My friend told me they look like Lily Pulitzer and Toms conspired to make some adorable little girl shoes. They are holding up well but they are very easy for Ava to kick/ pull off when she is done wearing them so we have had a few almost losses. 

5. Lastly we love some Target OshKosh shoes! These are more for walkers and not pre-walkers as the bottom is full rubber but they are not too heavy. These metallic gold ones have been our favorite during the holiday season! And the best part is they are only $12.99! SCORE!

"I can only imagine where these tiny feet will go in their lifetime. My only hope is that they never forget the way home."

 Author: Candice G. (Kendallsmommie)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Baaacccckkkk...

Hey Ya'll! Whew, what a crazy few months it's been! We were gone 17 days in December/Janurary for the Tour de Feliz Navidad, as I like to call it. We went to Miami, Key Biscayne, Port St Lucie, Florida and then flew up to NC to visit my family in the Durham/Pittsboro area. During the second leg of the trip Peter and I caught some terrible upper respitory virus and were sick as can be for a week. Ava seemed totally fine but the day before we were supposed to be home she spiked a 102 fever and ended up with a double ear infection. Luckily, I took her right to the urgent care and 24 hours after taking the amoxicilin she was back to her old self and ready to fly home. Seeing family was great but that was the last double location trip we will be taking for several years! Here are a few pics from the trip

Peter's Family at Christmas 

Rolling in Lila's jeep 

Fun at the Ferrington House                        Dinner with my Mom and Sis

Cutest little cheeseballs around!

After we got back to Cali Peter started a new job at Cisco! Peter had the increadible opportunity to help lead a new division of Cisco here in the Bay Area. Of course he misses the all you can eat free food and I miss the heated Google toilet seats but this opportunity was such a great career move that it made sense.
check out this fab Google toilet seat. 3 heat settings and various other functions I was too scared to try

We also decided to find to a much bigger townhouse in North San Jose. It is closer to Peter's job and has 3 bedrooms for the growing family! It even has a tiny little yard! Real Estate in the Bay Area is incredibly depressing, especially when you are from the Triangle and a moderately priced real estate market so for now we will just be renting. There is something about spending $900k+ on a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1800sq foot home that just doesn't quite make sense to me. Hopefully in the future we can move back to the East Coast and buy something amazing! For now we will just focus on packing and moving into our fab new 1800 sq foot townhouse on February 1!

Ava also gave up her beloved paci this month. Ava only used her paci for naps and bed time but when speaking with her Pediatrition she mentioned that if you can take away any baby habits before 15 months that the transition is much easier. So we stopped the bottle right at a year with no issues and decided the paci was next. We obviously waited until after the Tour De Feliz Navidad where we would be on 6 airplaes and in all new places and started the weaning process a week after we got home. We tried the cutting process and honestly next time I would just go cold turkey. The first night of the paci cut she didn't notice and sucked away. The second night she was so confused as to why she couldn't get good suction and the 3rd day during naps she was LIVID. She could see the cut paci and really did not understand why we had mutilated her beloved friend. The 4th day was much better as we did not leave her paci in the crib and by the 4th night she went to bed in 5 minutes with no tears. Praise GOD!

I have also still been having some pretty terrible bouts of morning sickness. Almost 18 weeks and still sick 2-3 hours a day. I'm not tossing my cookies quite as much but just have awful nausea. Praying that 18 weeks is a better week for us! We also get to find out the gender at the end of next week! We are so excited to find out if Baby L is a little boy or a another sweet girl! 

So as you can see we have been PRETTY busy here at Case de Lamar. Oh and lastly Ava started carrying around a purse everywhere she goes. It's pretty adorable and hilarious.