Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pop that bubbly!

I was never a big fan of sparkling water. I remember one time when I was around 11 I was at my friends house and her parents gave me a sparkling water bottle instead of a regular water bottle and I thought they had given me alcohol. I remember taking a big sip and swallowing thinking OMG they gave me vodka and was clearly "drunk"! I thought and thought about whether to tell the Mom that I had now consumed a giant gulp of "vodka" and decided after about 10 minutes to sheepishly say " Um Mrs. X I think I got adult "water" instead of regular water." She looked at my "vodka" water bottle and said "OH I am sorry Katelyn I must have given you Mr. X's sparkling water." I looked at her and said "sparkling water? I thought that was vodka?" She just looked at me very puzzled and laughed and then handed me a real water. 

Clearly not yet used to the finer things I was not a fan of sparkling water until I got pregnant. I had HORRIBLE I mean ABSOLUTELY can't get out of bed throw up 15 times a day morning/ALL DAY/ ALL NIGHT morning sickness! Sadly it did not go away until around 20 weeks and then came back all guns blazing around 35 weeks. I was very thankful to know that my little "nugget" was growing just fine but seriously was it necessary to get sick ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT? Hopefully Baby #2 (who is NOT on the way for those of you who are wondering) will be easier on their Mommy! ANYWAYS, sparkling water and bread were about the only things I could keep down. I wasn't able to have much sparkling water after week 28 when the intense heartburn kicked in, but week 8-28 I sucked down sparkling water like it was my JOB! Trader Joes has some great sparkling water at a good price but lugging cases into the car is not so fun... Then my Mom bought my Dad a Sodastream and my eyes were opened to a whole new world! 

The SodaStream is INCREDIBLE! You just fill the bottle up with water, pump the button 2-3 times and VIOLA time for some bubbly! They also have flavor packets for you soda lovers! When your Co2 cartridge runs out you can just exchange it at your local Target, BevMo, Walmart, or Khols for a new one for $14.99! Such a GREAT DEAL! 

Another little bubbly friend I found the other day are these ADORABLE Frances Coppola champagne cans! I mean how cute are these and they come with a cute little straw! Perect for a little summer's day picnic, girls night BBQ, or a drink to sneak into the movie theater... WHAT?!?! :-) 


Monday, June 10, 2013

40 pounds lighter

No we aren't talking about pregnancy weight... My closet is now 40 pounds lighter! I did some MAJOR clean out this past week and decided it was time to part with several bags of clothing! At my previous job I was only allowed to wear black so I had SOOO many black professional clothing pieces that would not be used in my current "Mommy wardrobe." I also had some pre-pregnancy clothing that I had been holding on to for some time now. I even had some pieces from when I worked at J.Crew 10 years ago that I was holding on to. I probably would have kept this stuff if we didn't live in a 1100 square foot 2 bedroom apartment. Let me tell you closet space is limited and baby stuff if HUGE! We don't have a garage and we share a little storage room with all of the tenants on our floor so closets and space under the bed have turned into prime real estate! 

Now I really love my clothes, like really, really, really love my clothes but it was time to part with things I had not worn in 2+ years. I didn't just want to donate them because pretty much everything I own is from J.Crew, Banana, Old Navy or Ann Taylor Loft so I looked into some consignmenet options. There are not a ton of consignment shops around us so I found a few online and decided to go with 

This website has a pretty simple process

1. They send you a bag

2. You fill it with clothing from your closet that you no longer want

3. They pay for shipping back to them

4. Then you get money!!! 

Now I still haven't gotten any cash yet since I just sent them in but I am assuming they will take a lot of my stuff. My first bag was 23lbs and this one weighed 17lbs! Now I have so much more room for baby stuff storage and maybe a little extra room for a teeny tiny shopping spree! ;) 

If you think your clothes are super rad and want back what they don't take you can pay $9.95 for your items to be shipped back. Me personally once it's gone I don't want it back! 

Now onto Peter's closet... :-) 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doggie Days of Summer

So my Hubby is literally one of my favorite people in this world. He is incredibly smart, seriously handsome, and has the funniest sense of humor. Peter thinks many normal things in life are just too funny. For example he absolutely loves chubby babies. He told me every day while I was pregnant to eat donuts so I could grow him a chubby baby. Luckily I did not get gestational diabetes and Ava was born at a normal weight and since then has grown some of the most adorable perfect leg rolls. Peter also loves oddly shaped animals, his favorite is the dachshund. Peter told me one day that if we ever "fall into some money" he wants to retire and own a farm, normal enough dream... Then he told me that he would like to breed dachshunds on this farm. I think he saw my absolute confusion so he further clarified. He said how funny would it be to see a heard of dachshunds run over a hill, their little legs working as hard as possible, their ears flapping away and their bodies slightly touching the ground with every leap. I could not stop laughing! Of course Peter was kidding, sort of. As you can imagine this has no become a long running joke with our friends and family. Everyone knows of Peter's fondness for the oddly shaped 4 legged furry friend. So throughout the years we have collected some memorbelia as an hommage to his dream. 

The obvious, yet still funny, dachshund corn on the cob holder 

The oh so helpful and so delightful dachshund rubber cable ties

The dachshund summer serving platter

And the newest addition to the collection, dachshund shorty shorts. Perfect for exposing those perfect baby thighs! 

Love you babe. XOXO

Oh and P.S. If we ever "fall into some money" we will not be owning a farm but a beach house instead. ;)