Sunday, July 31, 2016

Up, up and away! A travel theme nursery

My oh my it's been over a year since I last blogged! Life has been busy at the Lamar house. We moved in to our new home last July, Ava started preschool in September, we went to Disney with the kids in December and then onto Vegas with another couple, found out December 31 we were pregnant, moved Ava and Alice into their big girl room in May, and are now awaiting our 3rd little girls arrival!!! 

Upon arriving home from Vegas we found out we were pregnant. Literally the moment we got off the plane and got our car I realized I was probably expecting. This came as a complete surprise and although we were thrilled and grateful to have another healthy pregnancy we were quite overwhelmed. We felt our family of four was complete. I had just started a side photography business, Peter had taken on a new role at work, and we had just gotten over a few tough teething months with Alice. It took a few months for us to adjust to the idea of another little girl. Over the last several months we have prayed for this little one and our soon to be family of 5 and are so excited for her arrival at the end of August. We know she will be the icing on the cake! 

Having to pick 3 names for the same gender is TOUGH! Ava's middle name Ray is my Father's and was my Grandfather's middle name. Alice was named after Peter's late maternal Grandmother and now we are expecting Eloise "Emmy" Maria Lamar. When picking this little cutie's name Peter and I just loved the name Eloise but were concerned it didn't have any real nicknames since we call Alice "Allie." One day I started calling this little nugget Emmy and Ava and Alice fell in love with the name and now only refer to their soon to be baby sister as Emmy. Eloise's middle name is Maria after Peter's paternal Grandmother who is 93 years old and lives in Key Biscayne, FL. Since Eloise's first initials are EM we figured Emmy would be the perfect nickname. 

Emmy's nursery is possibly my favorite of the 3 rooms I have gotten to decorate. Alice, our second daughter, lived in this room when we moved in. When we found out we were expecting we decided to redecorate Ava's room and move Alice into the new big girl room and use Alice's old room as a nursery. Here is a picture of the big girls butterfly room. The art is Any Warhol, lamp and curtains are from Ikea, and butterflies were made on my friends silhouette machine. 

I wanted something fun for Emmy's new room and we had sold most of our nursery stuff when we moved from California so we were almost starting from scratch. I found this gorgeous hot air ballon mobile on Etsy and knew immediately that I wanted a travel theme nursery for little Emmy! 

We got some new art off Etsy and from Ikea and the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. Here are some pictures of her travel nursery.

Ava made a super cute hot air ballon tissue paper art piece at art camp this summer that fit perfectly with the theme. We hung it over the girl's doll house so they have something to do while I nurse our sweet Emmy. 


My very sweet friend monogrammed a lovie for Emmy and got her this adorable E pillow from the Land of Nod. Mimi also bought Emmy her own "Maggie the dog" that all the cousins have.  

Her nursery is complete! Now we are just waiting on Emmy's arrival! 4.5 weeks or less.. I would be ok with less!!