Monday, May 12, 2014

Alice in Nurseryland

Nesting has been in full effect these last few weeks. For some reason (sheer exhaustion and chasing a toddler) I haven't had a lot of time to set the nursery up until now! I was also waiting until my Mom and Dad came out a few weeks ago because the nursery will double as a guest room. The room is much smaller than at our last place so I knew with a crib things would be tight and wanted them to have a little more space on their visit. 

I also had a little "sprinkle" a few weeks ago. Some fabulous friends threw a small brunch to honor Alice's arrival. We already have tons of clothes, bottles, swings, blankets, toys and most necessary baby things but we did not have diapers, a second crib, and some of the larger items. I was just expecting and wishing for a few boxes of diapers but my good friend reached out to the "Duke ladies" and gave us an amazing Amazon gift card so we could get a new crib and mattress for the nursery. Several friends here also gave GIANT boxes of diapers, wipes, new California Baby Shampoo, and lots of fun books. I was blown away and slightly embarrassed at the generosity of our local friends as well as so many friends from our Duke days contributing to the "Alice crib fund." 

As soon as I got home I ordered the crib right away and that weekend Peter and I found the perfect vintage dresser and changing table. We already had the glider from Ava's room so all that was left was pictures. I had a Mary Blair theme in mind and found this great San Francisco Mary Blair'esq print on Etsy that I fell in love with. 

I really wanted an Alice in Wonderland Mary Blair painting but sadly Peter and I don't have an extra $5k laying around of nursery art. I purchased the A-L-I-C-E letters off of Etsy and got some great frames at Ikea. 

This past weekend at HomeGoods I found this great chalkboard and decided a scripture would complete the room. 

Peter and I finished hanging everything tonight and then sat and talked about how crazy it is that we will have ANOTHER baby in less than 2 months. As I finished folding her tiny little onsies and sleepers I prayed for the amazing woman I know she will be. Can't wait to meet our sweet Alice Elizabeth!!! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Summa Summa time

Northern Cali has been experiencing quite the HEAT WAVE this week! We are so spoiled here with 72 degrees and sunny 90% of the year that when it's too hot or actually rains people don't know what to do! My husband jokes that we should get a break in rent when the weather "acts up" because if you're paying $3000+ a month to live somewhere the weather should be perfect all year long! 

Luckily we have AC so we haven't been experiencing this "brutal" weather like some of our friends. By brutal I mean it was 91 (with 0% humidity) 2 days this week... basically winter weather in FL! Ava and I took advantage of the heat and spent almost every afternoon outside at the water table and in her little kiddie pool. We also went to our big neighborhood pool with one of our friends and hit up the splash pad at Mitchell Park. 

With all of this fun in the sun Ava got to test out 1 of her new swimsuits. Now baby swimsuits preferences vary by person but I am a big fan of either a rash guard (if in the sun for a while but it sucks trying to get it over their head) or a 1 piece. Ava had one baby bikini last year and although a baby belly sticking out of a bikini is adorable they are SUPER annoying in the pool! All they do is ride up under their armpits and provide 0 sun protection. So this year we stuck with only 1 pieces. Ava has 2 monogrammed swimsuits but after she wore this Bella Bare Wear snap bottom swimsuit it was hard to put her in anything else. This swimsuit is so easy to get on and off and has a snap bottom closure! WHY don't all little girl swimsuits have a snap bottom closure?! You can slide the swimsuit on and off from over their head like a regular onsie then snap the bottom. Then when you get to the park or pool you just unsnap and put on the swim diaper... GENIUS! Last year Ava had some cute swimsuits but getting them on her chubby little body was so hard! Peter used to call it stuffing a sausage because you have to put their chubby little thighs through these tiny leg holes and then hike it up and up to get the straps over their shoulders! This year it's all about the easy way out! 

I also just ordered another snap bottom suit by Ruffle Butts. Hopefully it'll be just as easy to use. Plus I can't get over ruffle bottoms on swimwear!! Such a fun way to start off the summer!